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Proprietary Connectors


There are hundreds of RCA-type connectors on the market. Most of them are machined from brass - which is far from the perfect conductive material. The dielectric used is often  molded thermoplastic, - again, far from the ideal. Yes, there are few RCA connectors to make use of Teflon as a dielectric, and  there are some connectors made of pure copper and even solid silver, but none of them use BOTH Teflon dielectric and silver contacts. In addition, most of the commercially available connectors are way too massive (the outer shells are machined from a chunk of metal, and the center pins are solid metal).  We strongly believe that in order to sound good, the analog interconnects must be made of thin wire. The wire used in our best interconnects is 0.001" thick. Imagine what happens to the music signal traveling via a 0.001" thick wire when it suddenly "encounters" the 0.125" solid metal center pin of a common RCA connector. Let me emphasize: the pin is 125 times (!!!) thicker than the wire itself. We think this is NOT the best one can do for the sound...

... So, we have developed our own RCA-type connector to come as close to perfection as we can imagine.

Our custom RCA connector shell is made of carbon fiber composite with two solid titanium rings at its ends. Carbon fiber is known for its  mechanical strength, light weight and RFI rejection properties. Titanium is also very strong, light weight and non-magnetic. 


The internal connector "body" is machined from Teflon - which was chosen for its supreme dielectric properties. 

The contacts are made of solid silver. 

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The center pin is hollow: it's a thin wall silver tube, reinforced with a Teflon-coated Kevlar composite rod inside it,  to prevent 

the central pin from bending.

The outer (ground) contact is made via three symmetrically arranged solid silver strips. 

The outer shell is electrically insulated from the contacts via additional machined Teflon inserts (shown inside the outer titanium ring).

 Nothing but Teflon touches and surrounds the actual contact surfaces.

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The solid (but very thin wall) titanium rings on the outer shell are "satin" finished and have two diamond-cut grooves for a distinctive look. Titanium doesn't oxidize and is extremely scratch resistant. The carbon fiber connector body is covered with several layers of crystal clear high gloss lacquer  and is also scratch resistant.

Yes, the machined Teflon connector "body" is relatively soft, but it is fully enclosed in the (above mentioned) carbon fiber/titanium shell, and in its assembled form the STEALTH connector is extremely robust (virtually indestructible with normal use). During our bench tests, these RCAs easily handled several hundred connections/disconnections without any performance loss. The solid silver contacts provide for very low contact resistance with any high quality female RCA on the market. But - we recommend using STEALTH RCA female connectors, designed to match our cable-end RCA male connectors:



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