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Dream V10 Loudspeaker cables

While the size (overall diameter) of the Dream V10 (revision 2010) is the same as the standard Dream, the color is silver (with four transparent spiral stripes that go along the cables), and most importantly, the new version offers a number of improvements. Inside wire bundles, we added a new core for all wire bundles. This new core is conductive, carbon fiber-based; the idea of this new core came from our experimentation with pure carbon speaker cables. The pure carbon speaker cable prototypes that we made and auditioned were very thick: several inches in diameter; the pure carbon speaker cables sound VERY different, compare to the conventional, metal-based cables: the soundstage is much deeper and absolutely 3-D. Unfortunately, our carbon prototype is tonally incorrect, and thus we won't be releasing it any time soon. However, in the Dream V10, in same dimensions as the standard Dream, replacing the non-conductive core with a carbon fiber based - i.e. conductive - we have been able to get a better soundstage. To compensate for the (unwanted) tonal balance shift, we replaced 1/3 of the original wire assemblies  with a flat solid silver AND directly immersed in Helium, and added a static shield between the wire bundles. As the result, the tonal balance of the Dream V10 is similar to the Dream, with noticeably improved - "livelier", tighter bass, better transient response, and improved immediacy of its sonic presentation.  


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The Dream V10 - as the standard Dream - stereo set consists of two thick, round cables - which are 35 mm (1.37 inch) in diameter. The cables split at the ends into positive and negative runs. 

Please take a look at simplified cross-sections of both the Dream V10 and the standard Dream:



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  • The outer layer of the Dream V10 cable is made of 8 hybrid wire assemblies, and four solid silver, flat, spiraled, para-vacuum* conductors and 4 spacers (dividers) - versus 12 identical wire assemblies and 4 spacers in the standard Dream;

  • Each hybrid wire assembly is 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) in diameter, made of 8 individually insulated solid core wires in our proprietary non-resonant distributed LITZ configuration; two different thicknesses (gauges) of 99.999% pure solid core copper, and two different gauges of 99.997% pure solid core silver are used - per each wire assembly. 

  • The wire assemblies are wrapped around a hollow, flexible para-vacuum* center multi-core (flexible Helium-filled tubing).

  • Three wire assemblies being run side-by-side create wire bundles (triple runs). Therefore, there are four wire bundles (triple runs) in each Dream cable.

  • The four wire bundles (triple runs) are separated by four blue foam Teflon dividing runs (spacers).

  • The spacers have the dame diameter as the wire assemblies, i.e. 6.35 mm (1/4 inch).

  • Using dividers dramatically reduces the overall cable capacitance and thus assures stability (non-oscillation) of any amplifier. In addition, these four equally distributed spacers-dividers allows internal bi-wiring with Dream cables without any performance loss**

  • The four triple runs (wire bundles) are being run individually for internal bi-wire. For single wire, two triple runs being run in parallel make a positive run, and the other two make a negative run.

  • Thicker and sturdier, redesigned STEALTH solid silver spade lugs, sandblasted with glass spheres for improved contact.

  • Optional - newly designed solid silver STEALTH proprietary banana plugs: easy to insert, but tight (plastic spring-loaded) and virtually unbreakable (Kevlar composite insert for extra strength). 

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Suggested retail price for the Dream V10 is $11,400 for a 2 meter pair, and $5,200 for each consecutive meter.

 (1.5 and shorter pair of Dream speaker cables is $10,400)

Bi-Wiring adds $1,300 regardless of the cable length;


Suggested retail price for the Dream is $8,800 for a 2 meter pair, and $4,000 for each consecutive meter.

 (1.5 and shorter pair of Dream speaker cables is $8,000)

Bi-Wiring adds $1000 regardless of the cable length;



     * STEALTH para-vacuum tube is a hermetically sealed flexible tube filled with Helium; fist, Helium is approximately 15 times lighter than air, and therefore its energy storage properties are extremely good: about equal to that of a 15-fold vacuum; the dielectric properties of such environment are even better: Helium is inert and has no ozone or other ionized molecules, and therefore there are absolutely no leaks of any kind - and this is better than any realistic vacuum. In addition, being surrounded by Helium, the wires will never oxidize or deteriorate. And the last - but not least, sine - unlike any vacuum - the Helium pressure is exactly the same as the atmospheric air pressure, there is nothing to force our Helium to leak, plus the tubes remain flexible, and the Dream cables are user-friendly - unlike all other "vacuum" cables (which are very stiff and inevitably lose vacuum with time - i.e. unlike the Dream, need periodical service to maintain the performance).
   ** In other words, internal bi-wiring with Dream cables offers practically the same performance as true bi-wiring (but obviously true bi-wiring offer double the effective (combined) gauge;


Some of the very first - beta testing - Dream speaker cables were made in white color code, as shown below. Both white (beta) and blue-black (production) versions are internally the same.


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