STEALTH audio cables

Cloude Nine (replaced with Cloude 99)

Solid Silver/Air Dielectric loudspeaker cables

Each of the two Cloude Nine speaker cables consists of six pure solid silver flat wires (ribbons) spirally braided together and split into two sections at the ends. The "wire" used to make these cables is solid 99.9% pure silver, flat single core conductor 1/8 inch wide and 0.01 inch thick. No real dielectric is used - at least, in the conventional sense: each of the seven silver ribbons is just inserted into a flexible (but strong) transparent outer jacket 1/4 OD, and covered with transparent mesh for strength, so the tubing touches only the very thin edges of the silver wire, and the flat part of the wire is surrounded by air only; each tube is air tight to prevent silver from oxidation.. When such construction is measured, the dielectric constant is equal to approximately 1.1 to 1.2 - with (vacuum-air) being about 1.0 and (the closest) solid Teflon being 2.2 to 2.5 depending on the Teflon type (all other known solid dielectric have higher constants; the closer the dielectric constant to 1.0 - the lower the energy "storage" in the cables and therefore the better for the subjective "speed" perception.

These cables are thick, extremely soft and flexible, and they do look like a cloud; the pictures don't do justice to it looks, but they give an idea what to expect...

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  • pure solid silver flat (low inductance) wire;
  • (mostly) air dielectric
  • over 1 inch overall cable diameter;
  • additional transparent layer of mesh insulation over each of the six braided conductors;
  • STEALTH original pure solid silver lugs termination;
  • can be ordered in bi- and tri-wire configuration;


Cloude Nine' sound is typical for pure silver cables: very "fast", transparent and clear, with good bottom and top ends extension, and lots of subjective "air".