STEALTH audio cables


ETS - "Enter the silver" - Solid core round silver conductors, Teflon insulation, Neutrik gold-plated RCA connectors ETS analog interconnect are available in RCA to RCA configuration only. .

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These interconnects are specifically designed for those who want to experience "silver sound" but are unwilling/unable to pay anything close to "real" audiophile prices. To the best of our knowledge, these are by far the least expensive pure silver interconnects on today’s market - yet ETS achieve true audiophile quality in both appearance and sound, since they incorporate all basic features needed for good-sounding silver interconnects. A special silver-silver version of ETS features custom-made silver-plated RCA connectors - for those audiophile who believes that "transmetal" barriers degrade sound quality, i.e. silver cables should have silver connectors (silver-plated in this case).

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Stealth ETS cables has been compared to many very good commercially available cables (including silver) from major manufacturers, and many listeners prefer the “sound character” of this cable to other more expensive cables. However, it is known that different cables do sound different with different systems. Moreover, choosing cables is a matter a personal preferences and taste. In general, the more advanced and sophisticated equipment is used, the better result can be achieved when using this cable. You are welcome to listen to these cables for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare ETS to ANY analog interconnects on the market retailed for under $200, and if the sound is not for your liking – just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the ETS interconnects.

..."I am most impressed with the clarity and immediacy of STEALTH ETS interconnects. A very revealing and noticeable improvement over the much more expensive "name brand" cables I had been using in my system"
Mark Latkowski

..."The cables (ETS) are fantastic. I hooked the up. The change was significant. At least a 20 to 40 % change. Very good products at a fair price."
David Griffin

..."I hooked STEALTH ETS cables between by CAL Sigma II D/A and Counter Point SA-7 pre, Hard to believe they made that much of a difference."
Wes Jenkins



Suggested retail price for 1 meter long unshielded pair of ETS interconnects is $80.00

Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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