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FAC Signature

FAC Signature - "Front-end AC power cable"- Intended specifically to supply AC power to "front-end" devices (CD players, transports and DACs, and preamplifiers), this flexible cord easily handles up to 1000 Watt loads and therefore works well with receivers and amplifiers too. This cord features hospital-grade plugs, three individually Teflon-insulated shielded conductors (shield is "source-terminated" which excludes it form the "power path" - i.e. the ground wire is also shielded, which is important for the best sound!). Outer insulation is snow-white Teflon, covered with semi-transparent black mesh.

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Compare to the standard FAC, the FAC Signature offers:

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  • a premium custom-made IEC connector with silver-plated contacts and the locking device which holds the cord in place firmly after the installation thus insuring a permanently good contact and preventing accidental disconnection of the cord;
  • a premium wall plug (with gold-over-silver plated contacts)
  • three additonal runs of wire (i.e. the FAC Signature is actually twice as thick as the standard FAC);
  • additonal layer of the outer mesh insulation jacket;


The FAC Signature cord has been compared to AC cords from Cardas, Kimber, Sinergistic Research, Audioquest, Classe, Marigo, and others - on several different audiophile systems. None of the mentioned cords sounded as good as the FAC Signature. The FAC Signature - like all STEALTH AC cords - is conceptually different from the majority of audiophile cords of the market. AC power cords' "sound" mostly depends not on the AC carrying wires, but on the ground wire, which NEEDS to be shielded since it's included into the sound SIGNAL PATH (ground path, to be more precise) - that's mostly why different AC power cords sound differently! AC is filtered in the power supplies, but the ground goes in and out just the way it is. Therefore, in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the FAC Signature sonic advantages. But all the technical reasons combined with praise in reviews do not weight as much as what you actually hear on YOUR system. - that's why we offer our


You are welcome to listen to the FAC Signature for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare it to any AC cord which retails up to $1000, and if the FAC Signature sound is not to your liking - just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the FAC Signature AC power cables.


Suggested retail price for 2 meters long FAC "SIGNATURE" is $360.00

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