STEALTH audio cables

M-21 Super

discontinued in 2007

M-21 Super unlimited power cord: 441 wires, 44 layers of insulation, 8 separate shields altogether! Very few cords can match this one:

  • Superior conductors: silver-plated copper versus plain copper;
  • Superior dielectric: exclusively Teflon - versus PVC in the majority of other (even very expensive) cords;
  • Superior shielding (see details below);
  • Superior plugs: there are simply no better plugs on the market at any price;
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  • military-grade Teflon insulated silver plated Oxygen-Free copper wire;
  • seven silver plated copper "internal" shields - a separate shield for each "bundle" of three wires!
  • additional layer of Teflon insulation over each of the seven shields;
  • over 1/2 inch overall cord diameter;
  • thick overall shield with 100% coverage;
  • semi-transparent mesh outer jacket;
  • AWG (gauge) calculation: 21x6x30AWG=9 gauge for the AC (i.e. two runs 9 AWG each); 21x9x30 AWG=7.5 gauge for the ground (shields are not included!)
  • Arrow Hart 6266 HG hospital-grade (green dot) AC plug, rated 15A/125V;
  • Watt'Gate 350 "Audio Grade" gold-plated IEC recepticle, rated 15A/125V;


Options (upgrades)





M-21 cord is conceptually different form the majority of audiophile cords of the market. Our listening tests have proven that AC power cords' "sound" mostly depends not on the AC carrying wires, but on the ground wire, which NEEDS to be shielded since it's included into the SIGNAL PATH (ground path, to be more precise). AC is filtered in the power supplies, but the ground goes in and out just the way it is. That's why different AC power cords sound differently!
Therefore, in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the sonic advantages of the STEALTH AC cords, and M-21 cord in particular;

Overall, the M-21 Super cord provides extremely low AC and ground resistance (typically 5 to 10 times as low as standard AC cords).

The M-21 cord will certainly work with any 15 or 20 amps wall sockets, but the best performance is achieved if the M-21 is used with our proprietary wall sockets.



Suggested retail prices for the M-21 Super AC cord were:

$780 (for 1.2 meters and shorter) ($1100 with silver plugs);

$830 (for 1.5 meters) ($1150 with silver plugs)

$1070 (for 2 meters) ($1390 with silver plugs);

and $480 for each extra meter after 2 meters;