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M-7 (Magnificent Seven AC power cord) - This ultra quiet AC power cord is equally suitable for both front-end and power components. The M-7 AC cord consists of seven conductors (which explains its name: "M-7" comes from the abbreviated "Magnificent Seven"). Each of the individually insulated seven conductors has its own separate shield, each of these shileds is covered with a Teflon® layer, and the entire cord in enclosed in one more heavy shield, covered by the outer mesh jacket.

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  • military-grade Teflon insulated silver plated Oxigen-Free copper wire;
  • seven silver plated copper shields - one shield for each wire!
  • additional layer of Teflon insulation over each of the seven shields;
  • thick copper overall shield with 100% coverage;
  • semi-transparent mesh outer jacket;
  • Arrow Hart 6266 HG hospital-grade (green dot) AC plug, rated 15A/125V;
  • American-made IEC plug with built-in strain relief, rated 15A/125V;


Like the other STEALTH AC cords, the M-7 cord is conceptually different form the majority of audiophile cords of the market. Our listening test have proven that AC power cords' "sound" mostly depends not on the AC carrying wires, but on the ground wire, which NEEDS to be shielded since it's included into the SIGNAL PATH (ground path, to be more precise). AC is filtered in the power supplies, but the ground goes in and out just the way it is. That's why different AC power cords sound differenltly!

Therefore, in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the sonic advantages of the STEALTH AC cords, and M-7 cord in particular;

Based on the customers' feedback we have had so far (and out own listening tests) this new cord should sound better that either FAC or HAC on both power amps and front end components; in general, M-7 cord "sounds" similar to the STEALTH HAC, but quieter on the background and cleaner because of the multiple shielding. But all the technical reasons combined with praise in reviews do not weight as much as what you actually hear on YOUR system. - that's why we offer our


You are welcome to listen to the M-7 AC cord for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare it to any AC cord which retails up to $350, and if the M-7 AC cord sound is not to your liking – just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the M-7 power cord at:

Here are some quotes:

... "With the STEALTH M-7 power cord installed in my PSE Studio IV Power Amplifier ... I had expected some improvement, but nothing like this: The bass is stronger and much tighter; midrange and highs are much clearer and more detailed."

Gary Shufelt

..." How can a power cable make so much difference? With the M(agnificent)-7 AC power cable, I swear not only have the peak levels increased, but the surround levels, especially in the rear but even the center levels are higher without me touching the preamp volume control. Something really happened to the bass, like it moved into the room itself but is deeper in range and both more focused center and wider spatially.

Hugh Mandeson