STEALTH audio cables

M7 Plus

Extra Thick high power AC cord for power devices.

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  • Seven individually insulated 12 gauge silver-plated stranded Oxygen-Free Copper conductors;
  • Teflon dielectric;
  • Overall electromagnetic shielding for the entire cord;
  • Colored inner-jacket (yellow or green are standard);
  • Heavy duty black outer jacket;
  • AWG (wire thickness gauge) calculation: 12x2=9AWG for the AC (i.e. two runs 9 AWG each); 12x3=7.5 AWG for the ground (shield is not included)
  • Arrow Hart 6266 HG hospital-grade (green dot) AC plug, rated 15A/125V;



If the goal is to get the best bass definition and authority, but lose no transparency, M-7 Plus is the choice.

Please note that - as with any power cord from any manufacturer - a particular cord's "sonic signature" in a given system strongly depends on the AC power line wires and/or power balancers or power conditioners used. Therefore, the best and predictable sonic results can be obtained only if an AC line is "clean" (undistorted sinusoidal) AND a properly installed dedicated audio ground is present. Yes, using premium audiophile-grade power cords with a standard house/apartment wiring is helpful, but in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the sonic advantages of any premium AC cords, and STEALTH M-7 Plus in particular; The M-7 Plus cord will certainly work with any 15 or 20 amps wall sockets, but the best performance is achieved if this cord is used with our proprietary wall sockets - which provide considerably lower measured contact resistance compare to the standard socket/wall plug combination.


Suggested retail price for a 6 feet long "standard" M-7 PLUS cord is $400.00

Suggested retail price for a 6 feet long "premium" M-7 PLUS cord (with all currently possible hardware upgrades and cryogenic treatment) is $580.00