STEALTH audio cables


Magnificent Seven loudspeaker cables are just slightly thinner than STEALTH Ultimate Ribbon, but share their overall sonic signature and the main elements of the construction. The standard color is blue. Each set consists of four separate thick cables 11 AWG each: two go to the right speaker, and two go to the left one, which means that if measured conventionally, these cables are thicker than 8 AWG per speaker; each set 8 feet set contains more than 1.5 pounds of pure silver, each cable (of the 4 cables in a stereo set) is composed of seven individually insulated flat solid core pure silver wires with flexible proprietary dielectric (better than Teflon - the dielectric is 90% air) thus dramatically lowering the dielectric constant – bringing it to approximately 1.15 - with (vacuum-air) being about 1.0 and (the closest) solid Teflon being 2.2 to 2.5 depending on the Teflon type (all other known solid dielectrics have higher constants; the closer the dielectric constant to 1.0 - the better for the sound because low dielectric constant means low energy storage, which offers fast transients and the lowest distortion). The silver ribbons (flat wires) used to make these cables are different in size and thickness (to eliminate internal resonances in the entire cable), and arranged in a proprietary oval pattern. The outer diameter of each cable is approximately 5/8 inch, but the cables are not very rigid and quite manageable. Bi-wiring is a good idea, but it's not necessary with the M-7s - because each of the four cables in this set is actually not-bi- and not tri - but seven-wired internally! The cables are offered factory terminated with STEALTH original solid silver lugs.

Suggested retail price for an 8 feet long set of M-7 speaker cables is $1900.00