STEALTH audio cables

Fineline MK II (discontinued in 2007)

The Fineline MK II features 99.99% pure certified silver (single core) central conductor covered with Teflon insulation of the appropriate thickness to meet the S/PDIF characteristic impedance requirements. What makes the Fineline MK II unique is the PURE SILVER shield/return The removal of all non-silver material from both signal and ground paths emphasizes the famous silky “silver sound” and makes it possible to bring this cable characteristics to suit the 96 KHz/24 bit audio and DVD standard. Needless to say that the cable is 100% compatible with the most common current CD and LD standard (44.1/16bit) and all other common present digital audio standards (excluding AES/EBU standard which requires usage of XLR connectors; STEALTH line of cables includes AES/EBUconfiguration as well).

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Fineline MKII S/PDIF DIGITAL cable is available in RCA-to-RCA, RCA-to-BNC, and BNC-to-BNC terminations. 

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The Fineline MK II allows your equipment to demonstrate what it's capable of. Its completely neutral, smooth and open sound proves the successful marriage of theory and top quality components. On the majority of high-end systems Fineline MK II will offer about 95% of the unsurpassed STEALTH Varidig performance and therefore it could be the last digital interconnect you’ll ever need. The only thing that will sound more correct to you is the surprisingly reasonable price... The Fineline MK II requires about two days of initial break-in after the installation to show its "sound character" - before that time, a slight upper-midrange "brightness" (typical for pure silver cables) might be heard. For approximately 7 to 10 days after the initial break-in, sound becomes progressively smoother and more natural. In general, in two weeks after the installation, Fineline MK II is ready for critical listening. Please note that in order to perform their best, all our analog and digital interconnect cables should be broken-in on the very same system with the very same components used for critical listening! If a cable is disconnected or used with other components, it might be necessary - for the best sound - to start the break in process from the very beginning.. According to our experience, this rule applies to the vest majority of all high-end cables from various manufacturers.


This cable has been compared to the best commercially available cables (including silver), and close to all listeners prefer the “sound character” of this cable to other cables many times its price. However, it is known that different cables do sound different with different systems. Moreover, choosing cables is a matter a personal preferences and taste. In general, the more advanced and sophisticated DAC is used, the better result can be achieved when using this cable... You are welcome to listen to this cable for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare it to ANY digital cable on the market – and if the sound is not for your liking – just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the Fineline MK II interconnects.

...Got the Fineline MKII cable today... it BLEW MY SOCKS OFF~! I would not have believed it, I was using an optical cable, which I though was excellent, but the digital cable just cleaned things up so much I just kept turning the volume up because it was so clean and lacked the harshness at the top end. It's so clean on the high end, it seems weak on highs, however, it's just because it's so clean. Thank you very much, John

...I received the STEALTH Fineline MK II cable earlier this week and I just wanted to tell how FANTASTIC it sounds! I could not believe the difference between a Monster Toslink and STEALTH Fineline MK II coaxial cable. Everything is so much more balanced and smooth! All the harshness is gone, the bass is deeper with more punch, and the midrange is so natural it's scary! Voices and guitars sound real!
The highs are smooth, highly detailed, warm, and lush. I highly recommend this cable, and I will, to all my friends who could benefit from such a great product.
Brian S Demeter,