STEALTH audio cables

Premier Copper

PC - "Premier copper" - 260 individually insulted OFC strands (7AWG per cable, 4 AWG per speaker). Termination is pure silver spade lugs (6 mm binding post opening). These cables are very thick (7 AWG per cable, 4 AWG per speaker) but avoid a "garden hose" look since the two cables per speaker are each in a separate jacket slightly over 1/4 inch in diameter. The large number of thin individually insulated conductors insures excellent overall tonal balance, superb bass definition and control, and greatly extended high frequency response. Standard termination is Cardas Rhodium-plated copper spade lugs, recommended termination is Stealth solid silver spade lugs. We do not recommend using banana plugs - unless it's strictly necessary

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You are welcome to listen to the PC for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare it to ANY speaker cable, and if the PC sound is not to your liking – just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the Premier Copper speaker cables at:

Here are some quotes:

... I had a long session last evening with the Premier speaker cables, and the CWC interconnects (replacing Monster 1000M), and the improvement was absolutely remarkable! In the mid-range it was quite startling. I had always felt that Elizabeth Schwarzkopf's recording of Strauss' Four Last Songs did not live up to its much vaunted reputation. The voice always seemed to be 'covered' or distantly miked. With the new cables, the voice suddenly took front & centre stage, full of bloom and a feeling of involved ecstasy and shading that had previously been missing.

The old recordings, Caruso, Gigli, McCormack, also underwent a magical transformation that revealed the timbre and shading of the voice. Surprising, indeed, as some of these recordings date back to 1910.

The instruments in the orchestra, both string and wind, showed a similar improvement, the cellos and double bass in particular. I think that this benefits the speakers as the Quads could always use a little more weight "down there".

Of course, the chief benefit from all of this is that I can't wait to get a number of records on to the turntable and disc player. If anything, the phonograph records benefit from the new level of reproduction as much as, if not more than, the CD's.

Ken Dix.

System components:

  • Quad ESL 63;
  • ARC Classic 60;
  • ARC SP-14;
  • Linn Axis turntable with Linn cartridge;
  • Rotel RCD 951 CD player;
  • Power Wedge II.

...The STEALTH Premier and CWS cables arrived and they are stunning. I have broken them in for about 20 hours and they sound wonderful. You guys really have a good product. Usually products like STEALTH sell themselves. My components are:

  • Aragon amplifiers: 8008BB for my mains and an 8008x3 for my center and rears;
  • My cables are the wonderfully transparent Stealth Premiere, Fineline MKII digital, and CWS.
  • For my front end I use a Sony DVP-7000 DVD/CD player as a transport.
  • My pre-amp/processor is an EAD theatremaster which is also my DAC.
  • My speakers are presently Atlantic Technology 350's (I plan on replacing them with B&W Nautilus at the end of the year).

I also have my room well treated with accoustical treatments. Since my upgrade to your cables this system really sounds nice.
Sure, you can use my opinion to new customers; Marc Yonker,

... The speaker, interconnects and power cables from STEALTH made a major improvement to the sound of my system. In particular with the Premier speaker cables, the soundstage is wider and deeper and the instruments are clearly defined in that space. On one recording, Coltrane and Adderley are on the right and always seemed to be in the same place. Actually the tenor sax is to the right of the alto and I can hear clearly the difference in the 2 saxes. In complex chamber music, the different voices can be clearly differentiated! The timbre of instruments is better, dynamics are improved - all much closer to the real thing! I am very pleased with the Stealth Effect in my system: the cables are great, look good and are well made. I had to raise the Linn LP12 another 1" (it was already raised 1") to allow for the STEALTH phono cable thickness. I would much rather have the correct shielding than a thinner cable. Thanks a lot. Peter Holmes, Canada


Suggested retail price for 8 feet set of PC is $900.00

Dealer inquiries are welcome;

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