STEALTH audio cables

Silver Copper Hybrid

SCH - full-bodied sound and bass authority of copper with the resolution and naturalness of silver. Recommended for extra-long RCA to RCA runs. Genuine Swiss-made Neutrik RCA (Pro-Fi) connectors, air-tight epoxy seal; standard heavy electromagnetic shielding;

The outer diameter of a compete cable is slightly over 3/8 inch. Low capacitance of SCH cables (22pF per foot plus 7pF per connector) assures super wide bandwidth and allows usage with both passive and active preamplifiers. The standard shielding (heavy copper outer shield with 100% coverage) assures very good RF and AMI protection. The SCH cables are directional: there is a little arrow in the outer jacket pointing to the correct direction of the misic signal.

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The FLR interconnect cables are available in single-ended RCA-to-RCA termination only,


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the SCH interconnects.


Suggested retail price for 1 meter long unshielded pair of SCH interconnects is $300.00

Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Please check our price list for the different lengths.