STEALTH audio cables


SCR Solid Core Ribbon are very robust, but flexible cables featuring two 99.99% pure certified silver (single core) Teflon insulated flat conductors (0.002" thick and 0.05125" wide), enclosed in a flexible polivinylchloride outer jacket, covered with a braided poliester mesh. The outer diameter of a compete cable is slightly over 1/4 inch. Very low capacitance of SCR cables (18pF per foot plus 7pF per connector) assures super wide bandwidth and allows usage with both passive and active preamplifiers.The shielded version of SCR features a heavy copper outer shield with 100% coverage to assure RF and AMI protection. The shielded version of SCR cables is strictly directional, and there is a little arrow in the outer jacker poining to the correct direction of the misic signal.  The outer diameter of the shielded version is slightly over 3/8 inch.

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The SCR interconnect cables are available in single-ended RCA-to-RCA, balanced XLR-to-XLR, and " converting" femaleXLR-to-RCA and RCA-to-XLRmale configurations;

The RCA to RCA cable is terminated with genuine Swiss-made Netrik Pro-Fi RCA connectors.The connectors used with the balanced version of these cables are also sourced from Neutrik.

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The SCR allows your equipment to demonstrate what it's capable of. Its completely neutral, smooth and open sound proves the successful marriage of theory and top quality components. The only thing that will sound more correct to you is the surprisingly reasonable price... The SCR requires about two days of initial break-in after the installation to show its "sound character" - before that time, a slight upper-midrange "brightness" (typical for pure silver cables) might be heard. For approximately 7 to 10 days after the initial break-in, sound becomes progressively smoother and more natural. In general, in two weeks after the installation, SCR is ready for critical listening. Please note that in order to perform their best, all our analog and digital interconnect cables should be broken-in on the very same system with the very same components used for critical listening! If a cable is disconnected or used with other components, it might be necessary, for the best sound, to start the break in process from the very beginning.. According to our experience, this rule applies to the vest majority of all high-end cables from various manufacturers.


Stealth SCR cables has been compared to many very good commercially available cables (including silver) from major manufacturers, and many listeners prefer the “sound character” of this cable to other more expensive cables. However, it is known that different cables do sound different with different systems. Moreover, choosing cables is a matter a personal preferences and taste. In general, the more advanced and sophisticated equipment is used, the better result can be achieved when using this cable. You are welcome to listen to these cables for 30 days (enough time to break-in the cable and perform a critical listening) and compare Solid Core Ribbon to ANY analog interconnects on the market retailed for under $1000, and if the sound is not for your liking – just return the undamaged cable for a full purchase price refund (minus the actual shipping cost).


Please check the latest reviews and customers' feedback on the SCR interconnects.