STEALTH audio cables

Casey Ng

A very strange observation I have with the Indra. It makes a DRAMATIC improvement for digital audio, but it is not as jaw-dropping with analog (phono stage), in fact, I still cannot find the beta Indra better sounding than the GS50-50 used between the phono and the preamp. Why you think this is so? The digital signal should be more flawed, but Indra adds a realm of realism and makes the sound extremely 3-d, and full of detail (even I used it for my home-theater, and the compressed Dolby digital sounds great). In fact, my friend prefers the silver wire SCR you made for me over the Valhalla for his turntable. But as you know, everyone used the GS50-50 for phono whether tonearm or phono stage, loves it.



Author: Casey Ng

First I must declare that I hear better than I write, but I do want to share a very special experience when I use the PGS cable by Stealth.

I have always heard from some very high-end audiophiles that Gold is the best cable material. I am sure Stealth has grasped the reasons when the company introduced the 99.99% pure Gold interconnect. Anyway, I do know that the European brands Siltech and Gryphon used Gold in their high-end cable, several times the cost of Stealth. However, it was finally time that I investigated Stealth's Gold cable.

I installed a 2-ft balanced pair between my DAC and preamp. The first few hours were not eventful, the usual uncertainty associated with new cables. After about 10 hours, the sound stabilized (but I suspect it will get better after 100 hours ?). I must add that the whole set-up is fully balanced, and all the contacts have been pre-treated with Caig ProGold prior to connection.

The sound totally mesmerized me. I have been using various Stealth silver cable, and I find them excellent performers at more than fair prices, but the Gold is something truly special. I don't hear hi-fi; I hear music. The Gold is not a dramatic cable, it does not have shrill highs or thunderous lows. What it has is a very organic flow of musical truth, meaning the inner representation of the music easily comes out. I can much better appreciate the feelings of the musician when they make their music. It has all the details, but I forgot about those details, as I am enjoying the wonderful music. To try to use hi-fi terms, the Gold cable has a seamless top to bottom integration, and the whole presentation is very palpable, with every performers floating in a real space, but it has no edge and no bite, everything has a lifeness to the presentation, and very delicately beautiful. I cannot think of a better term than "Organic" to describe such kind of sound.

My system consists of Proceed PDT-3 CD transport, Apogee Digital DA-2000 DAC, BAT VK5 preamp, ATC SCM50ASL active speakers. Digital cable: Stealth Varidig AES/EBU, Pre-to-power Stealth Silver Ribbon, DAC-to-Pre: Stealth Gold, AC Cord: DAC - Stealth, Preamp - Marigo Reference, ATC - Stock Belden, PDT - stock not detachable.