STEALTH audio cables

STEALTH CWS versus Transparent Ultra interconnects

Author: Makoto Kobayashi


I had received three calbes (Varidig AES/EBU digital cable, a pair of CWS Cross wrapped silver interconnect cables, and a pair of SCR Silver Ribbon interconnect cables). I did extensive listening with the cables. I started with the Varidig digital cable between the Waida 20 and the 27. My first impression of the Varidig is that it sounded louder than a Japanese 6N cable with BNC terminals. Then, I realized that with Varidig, high frequencies and low frequencies were more extended. By the way, Wireword Gold Starlight (old model) made little difference compare to the Japanese cable. Next, leaving the Varidig, I replaced the Transparent Ultra between my Spectral DMC 20 pre and the DMA 180 amp with STEALTH Cross wrapped (I also tried removing the DMC 20 from the signal path and used the digital attenuator of the Wadia 27, which is quite good; The Cross wrapped cables were used between the Wadia 27 and the crossover (designed by Demian Matin and made by Entec). The Cross wrapped sounds very good; neutral in one word. By comparison Transparent Ultra lost some high end frequency. With the Cross wrapped, it sounded quietter on the backgorund, and stereo image was more natural and better focused. Then, I tried the Stealth Silver Ribbon. The Ribbon sounded more high-end and low-end frequencies, but less focused and less quiet than the Cross wrapped. The Ribbon sounded more bass heavy, but not as tight as the Cross wrapped. In one word, the Cross wrapped is excellent. I would like to congratulate you for this cable. The Varidig digital cable is also very good, although it doesn't make as noticeable improvement as the Cross wrapped does. I must note that is valid for the equipment I used. Different evaluation results may be reached with different equipment, as usual.

My current system consists of:

  • Wadia 20 + Wadia 27;
  • Spectral DMC 20 preamp;
  • Spectral DMA 180 power amp;
  • Quad ESL 63 USA Monitor + Entec powered subs;
  • Manger drivers in handmade eggs + Entec powered subs
  • Cables are Transparent Ultra except between Wadia 20 & 27. I have used Wadia supplied ST link with disappointment. Currently, I have been using 6N Cu with formed Teflon made in Japan (BNC). I recently tried Wireworld Gold Starlight AES/EBU with little improvement from the Jananese cable;

CDs used for this evaluation are:

  • 1) Chesky Jazz Sampler & Audiophile Test CD Vol. 1 Chesky JD37
  • (2) Beethoven ? Symphonie No. 5, Viener Philharmoniker, Carlos Kleiver,Deutsche Grammophon, 415 861-2
  • (3)“Sweet Sorror,” Sara Chang, EMI 7243 5 56791 2 3
  • (4)“the bass and I,” Ron Carter, Blue Note 7243 8 59698 2 9
  • (5)“The Frog Prince,” Enya, Karrussell 551099-2
  • (6) Japanese female vocal.

Makoto Kobayashi